Drips and Distortion


Human Emotions are easily evoked by different cues, and the sensitivity of touch is one the most emotionally charged aspect.

The body of work revolves around the idea of the sensitivity of touch by using materials to create a language of an underlying sexual subtext. Juxtaposing the human skin and food is a threshold to sexual imagery that is tangled around the human consciousness. The artworks feature a variety of materials focusing on sugar confectioneries, covering or disrupting the identity of the figure. Furthermore, it triggers the viewer to whet their appetite and arouse their subconscious desire; yet beneath their sugar coated bodies, the figure convey drama and distress as well. It provides a reminder of the unhealthy consequences of such overindulgence in the world of sugar confections.


The paintings coexist with a performance piece seen through the video component. This process is an integral part of the artworks to enunciate the tactile experience and show the physical connection of the figure with the material involved. Both painting and video merges into a single experience as it support the synchronicity of seduction and repulsion. Seduction in a sense of letting the substance run through the body, surrendering to its viscosity amplifying human emotions and delivering a sensual experience. As for repulsion, the substantiality of the material used to the figure is highly displayed giving the feeling of suffocation and distress. Combining the intimacy of the painting and video, the goal is to give a visual form of experience that we do not normally see. The slow-motion aspect of the video obliges the viewers to look at the image attentively and experience it in a visceral way. 

Drips and Distortion: Syrup

The video process acts as a performance piece supporting a corresponding painting.

Double Layer Frosting

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Strawberry syrup

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Pink Frosting

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