Art Workshop in the Philippines

There are a lot of schools in the Philippines who have limited access to art, art education and art making. Unfortunately, art in the Philippines is under-appreciated that is why most students are not able to learn more about the practice.

During my research in the Philippines on summer of 2018, I took the initiative to collaborate with 3 local schools in different provinces to give free art workshops to their students. My purpose on doing this is to bring art to their community and use it as a platform for learning, co-creating and empower their abilities to create a work of art. 

Because of poverty, most students are not able to buy art materials that is why I used my pocket money to buy supplies to use and to buy food to keep them full during the duration of the workshop.

Every sacrifice and travel was worth it when witnessing the students collaborate and contribute their voices to their artwork. I thought I have achieved my purposed. 

The students were very curious about contemporary art during my lecture before  the workshop. I showed examples of contemporary and talked about art history. They were very excited on discussing the practice of painting and could not wait to get  their hands on the materials.

The students from the first  workshop from Linao National High School was divided into 4 groups, each group chose a type of painting that they want create and must able to talk about the painting in front of their peers.  It was their first time doing a art critique but it went successful.

The students of Cagayan National High School chose to do portraiture in black and white acrylic. Their project is to simplify a portrait of themselves and display it for a mini exhibition. Seeing the final outcome was a proud moment to them because they were able to do something that they have not done before.

The last workshop happened in Talibon Elementary School in Bohol, Philippines. These students ranges from preschool to 6th grade. They were taught to use watercolor and explore the material on their capabilities. My friends and I originally wanted to only teach 25 kids but a hundred or so of them joined in because of curiosity and excitement.

Giving back to the community is one thing that I will always do. I want to be a resource  and create a community where art exist and used as a way of social cohesion.

Workshop | Exhibition | Cultural forum

 This is a video compilation of what i have accomplished during my Summer Research Program funded by Office of the Undergraduate Research in Umass Dartmouth